About GeTPICs

The project full title is: Generic Technologies for WDM Transmitter Photonic
Integrated Circuits.

The GeTPICs project aims at achieving the improvement of Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) building blocks (BBs) for generic integration technology, the design and fabrication of high bit-rate transmitter PICs, typically WDM 10× 25Gbps and 4× 25GBau Tx PIC as test vehicles for the developed BBs, and finally the test and validation of the fabricated PICs in a transmission environment. The program
addresses a significant step beyond the present state-of-the-art.

To achieve these goals, both partners, III-V lab and TU/e, have adequate infrastructure and complementary means. Some challenging milestones have been set to be reached, such as deep UV stepper lithography; assessment of semi-insulating (SI)-substrate based technology; SAG (Selective Area Growth) epitaxy techniques; SiBH (Semi-Insulating Buried Hetero-structure); advanced RF (radio-frequency) circuit engineering.

The test vehicles will be validated in transmission systems, and potential markets for the developed PICs will be explored.