The GetPICs project

The project aims at achieving the improvement of Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) building blocks (BBs) for generic integration technology, the design and fabrication of high bit-rate transmitter PICs. Challenges include the introduction of deep UV lithography, semi-insulating (SI)-substrate based technology, SAG (Selective Area Growth) epitaxy techniques, SiBH (Semi-Insulating Buried Hetero-structure) and advanced RF (radio-frequency) circuit engineering. The test vehicles will be validated in transmission systems, and potential markets for the developed PICs will be explored.

Project objectives:

  1. Demonstration and validation of a fully functional transmitter PIC able to operate at 10x25 Gbps and 4x25 GBauds.
  2. Implementation and demonstration of buried hetero-structure technology in building complex PICs.
  3. Technology development and implementation of WDM transmitters in generic technology using selective area growth.

Wafer fabricated within the GetPICSs project


Posted by Administrator on Wed, 16 Mar 2016